Statement Regarding Deep Rig Movie Affiliation

Patrick Byrne was well aware of who he had chosen to partner with to produce The Deep Rig movie. He knew he had partnered with the team who had just released A Thousand Pieces documentary, and who was currently making the Q Documentary — Steve Lucescu (Producer), Roger Richards (Director), Adrienne Youngblood (Associate Producer), Adam Wallberg (Editor), and Rene Armenta (Score).

Austin Steinbart and the team at Steinbart Media Group made every effort to help “The Deep Rig” succeed, from securing the venue for the premiere, to contributing marketing personnel, graphic designers, camera operators, voiceovers for commercials, and even a team of dedicated volunteers who tirelessly passed out promotional flyers in 117 degree weather. 

He also downplayed his role in order to prevent people from getting distracted by personal vendettas waged by a handful of social media influencers — because we need Patriots of all persuasions and from all walks of life to come together to help spread the message about the election fraud. 

We are confident Patrick was unaware of the divisive messages being posted on his behalf. So we hope that moving forward, his staff will keep Joe Flynn’s idea of a “network of networks” in mind, discontinue fanning the flames of this counterproductive sideshow, and focus on the extremely important task at hand — coming together to spread the message about the election fraud.