Special Bulletin 9.6.20

Mutiny at FOB Geronimo and Recent Miscarriages of Justice

By now you are all aware of the treachery that came as a small shock a couple weeks back and created a hiccup in our organizational structure. We’ve largely adapted and our new course is even better than before. We are an extremely agile organization and we know there will be perpetual setbacks. Utilizing those setbacks as opportunities for learning and growing is how we will have a finely-tuned organization moving forward.

Here are Austin’s responses to those attacks:

1. ​A​ddressing Malicious Smears
2. ​PhoenixVault Updates + Internet PsyOps + Explaining the SMG Vision

Now with ​Austin’s re-arrest we are rolling into a spectacular training phase of this operation. We are realizing we have to “paint a target” on the miscarriages of justice in Austin’s specific case.

It’s entirely unacceptable for Austin to have not yet been given an arraignment date for trial. The reasoning given by the court for such an absurd timeline was due to the coronavirus lockdown. Is moving individuals through a reasonable judicial timeline not considered essential business? What legitimate basis could the court possibly have for such a lengthy extension? Under the 6th Amendment, a defendant has the right to a speedy trial, the exceptions for delay being guided by the Speedy Trial Act. There is no provision for delay under 18 U.S. Code § 3161-3174 which allows for the unreasonable amount of time the court taken in moving towards an arraignment date. Due process is not being observed.

The delay has opened up yet another miscarriage of justice, which is that the power given to the PreTrial Services Officer to harass and unjustly imprison Austin in this interim period! What would have been a brief period of time between the arrest and arraignment has now become months of uncertainty. That position of power given the PreTrial Services Officer, extended seemingly ad infinitum has no place in our judicial process, and this situation is highlighting how preposterous the role of PreTrial Services truly is.

These two grievances are what we seek to highlight using all of our collective power and resources. We encourage any YouTube content creators to put out videos explaining the situation just described and a call to action to speak out on Austin’s behalf.

We want our community to call and/or email any influential figure that can affect the change we seek. Some suggestions are: local journalists, local, state, and federal politicians. We cannot accept Austin’s treatment, and we must do something to demonstrate our resolve, regardless of the outcome. We must fight! Now is the time!

Steinbart Media Group Affiliated Organizations

None. These don’t exist for the record. Everyone in this organization comes from a vastly different background, which is what makes this group so unique and special.

There has been a targeted campaign by ex-teammates and nefarious players such as Kate Mazz to create the impression that people here serve as Austin’s spiritual guides and because they come from a particular spiritual discipline, and we are bound to that discipline in some form or fashion. This is entirely incorrect. A Buddhist friend to Austin does not make him a Buddhist. A leftist friend does not make Austin a leftist. Claims of “identity” will always be weaponized to make outrageous accusations, and we must push back on those. Everyone is a ​Sovereign Individual and their particular journey is their own. We support everyone’s faith or discipline because we are focused on these common goals:

The Internet Bill of Rights (IBOR) The Destruction of the CIA

The Rebuilding of the FBI from the ground up, removing CoIntel responsibilities

What people choose to associate with in their personal lives has absolutely nothing to do with Austin. He is free to make any personal choices as he sees fit, but it has no bearing on his allegiances. His allegiance is to the Constitution of the United States of America, as is ours. This is why we fight for Austin’s message because it is our own allegiance to the Constitution we fight for.

Organizational Directives from Austin

This week Austin made it clear that we will be pushing forward with a free-thinking modular-structure that empowers everyone, which he is referring to as “pods”. Any show, website or content-product we create will be as autonomous as possible. Pod-teams will be like family units, making decisions largely outside of a top-down centralized structure. For the most part, this is already taking place. SMG will have to maintain a level of hierarchical structure, but we will not be creating “appeals to authority” as a means to micro-manage this organization. Unless specific directives are given, it will be the merit of the ideas that drive content creation.

If a show is paying attention to the three common goals listed previously, then how a pod chooses to generate supporting content will be entirely up to that team. There are a million different directions and topics of interest that branch off those. Even if the topic doesn’t seem to have a direct connection, if the pod feels it’s of value to humanity then it is imperative of SMG that it be released into the world for all to benefit.

Situation Report on Austin’s Hearing on Tuesday, September 8th

There will be a brief hearing this coming Tuesday, and we expect Austin to be released from prison within 48 hours of this hearing.

We want to generate maximum exposure for this event. The injustices highlighted earlier will be the ammunition we will be using to gain that exposure from the press, politicians and any mover and shaker that can draw attention to our cause.

The ​QNN Team​, Michael Khoury and Alice Kennedy have graciously decided to head down to the courthouse and livestream the event. Tune in!

Please contact as many of the people as you can on the list on Monday in anticipation for the ​Tuesday Hearing at 2pm in Courtroom 305 at the Sandra Day O’Conner Federal Courthouse in downtown Phoenix.

Phoenix, AZ Congressional and Local Journalist Contacts List

Write the Court to force a Telephone Call-In

United States v. Austin Ryan Steinbart Case Number: 20-9119MJ

Austin and the entire SMG Team all thank you for your attention and support in these wild times!

-Steinbart Media Group Staff