Special Bulletin 9.11.20

Steinbart’s Fate Rests in Fraudulent FBI and Faulty Judiciary

Will Sommer, contributor to the salacious and widely-discredited Daily Beast (​Chelsea Clinton is an IAC board member, parent company)​ , ​wrote an article addressing Austin Steinbart, owner of Steinbart Media Group, who has recently been sent back to prison for violating the agreement of his pre-trial release. The ​court documents show that over 5 months ago in an FBI raid ended with Steinbart’s arrest, imprisonment and the contents of his home being taken by the FBI Phoenix Field Office.

The ​FBI Phoenix Field Office​ caused quite a stir in the QAnon community months ago when they attempted to release a​ memo stating that QAnon was considered by the FBI to be a domestic terrorist threat.​ While the memo, drafted by person(s) at the office and released through unofficial channels, did bolster a ​mainstream media talking point,​ it did not pass muster according to ​Celeb Magazine,​ who asked the FBI about the memo. The FBI denied was legitimate.

From the m​issing 302s​ in the General Mike Flynn case, to the ‘​Russian Collusion Hoax​” perpetrated by a complicit F​BI Deep State faction with FISA compliance​, the FBI has eroded its trust with patriotic Americans the nation over. Never before have so many potential crimes been exposed to the public that originated from the FBI. The malfeasance seems to be on display in full measure.

The case against Austin Steinbart is no exception. It is rooted in a “computer crimes” charge against a company known as ​Datto​. Datto is a multi-million dollar corporation who’s services include the storage of valuable documents with additional features that make it many professional’s top choice. It is also a company that is involved in computer crimes itself. Datto held the Hillary Clinton emails on its service, and when they were requested by the government, decided to pretend as if they didn’t exist. An extensive article ​came out explaining that in the end, they had tried to delete them using Bleachbit, but a copy was found by an employee who brought it to Datto’s attention. “What [3rd party technician Paul Combetta] didn’t realize was the local Datto device was beaming a complete snapshot of the Clinton server multiple times a day to Datto’s cloud servers–and those backups were not being deleted every 60 days. In fact, they weren’t being deleted at all… Clinton aide Cheryl Mills ordered Combetta to delete all emails on the server that weren’t work-related… Datto, through motivations that are still unclear, re-requested the emails be permanently deleted.” Those actions displayed a wanton disregard for the public’s interest and were a direct violation of the subpoena for the emails in the first place.

Austin Steinbart, a lowly civilian and DIA contractor, who’d been collecting an e​xtremely damaging treasure-trove of “radioactive” Wikileaks files and government documents,​ stored his work on Datto’s servers, and paid them for their services. Through direct actions taken against Steinbart, a client, the motivations for which are unclear as well, Datto simply turned off access to the “Amorphous Archive” and banned his account from further business. This effectively cut off a major service Austin Steinbart used for his business, and removed the folder he had diligently compiled and had been sharing for over 5 years to the online community at large.

Incensed with this blatant power move, Steinbart requested that his online community write and email Datto on his behalf, asking that the service be turned back on. This is apparently the source of the alleged crime that took place. Datto claimed that writing and emailing their tech support and company leader contacts, “damaged” their servers, thus necessitating an FBI raid on Austin’s home. The FBI gathered up all electronic devices, legal firearms, illicit and harmful marijuana substances known to get users “high” with a kind of strange euphoria (a “​ Schedule I” drug under federal statute)​ , and any other kind of relevant articles deemed important to the case. A grand jury has apparently been impaneled and charges have yet to be filed to the court, according to B​enjamin Good​, a F​ederal Public Defender​ and Austin’s attorney.

The initial FBI arrest and raid happened in March, over 5 months ago. In the interim Steinbart has been in and out of prison and court for infractions of the prohibited items such as “use of the internet”, the consumption of alcohol, and use of drugs. Most recently, Steinbart was surveilled by an individual who gained access to the home Steinbart was residing in and wrote a letter to the authorities that they had witnessed Steinbart partake in use of marijuana. This was enough for the Pre-Trial Services Officer, responsible for monitoring Steinbart, to call him in for a drug test. Steinbart’s claim in court is that he suffers from a severe gluten allergy known as Celiac’s Disease and his use of medical marijuana, granted by a doctor in the state of Arizona, is the only substance that settles his chronic pain. His admission of smoking was a result of a choice between an arbitrary prohibition placed on him by a federal court (which does not recognize the State’s rights to legislate marijuana use) and severe pain.

His mother and father took the stand to verify for the court that Steinbart did indeed have a lifelong battle with severe gut pain. The judge was unmoved by the plea, and ruled that his 8 day period in prison for the infraction would be extended indefinitely while the grand jury is empaneled and charges filed. The reason for such a determination, the judge explained briefly, was that Steinbart was in possession of a “whizzinator”, a popular prosthetic penis that is used to beat drug tests. Steinbart was taken back into prison following the court’s brief session. He is still waiting for the filing of charges and arraignment date to be set for the trial. It’s important to note that following the​ 6th Amendment,​ the right to a speedy trial, normally an arraignment is held within a few days of arrest. The case for such a lengthy extension clearly violates this Constitutional provision to protect civil liberties.

Considering the weak nature of the case against Steinbart, the FBI has been attempting to build a full-defense of their actions so as to keep the charges from falling apart in a trial. The activism of calling and emailing a major corporation for refusing service that it is contractually obligated to fulfill, is the kind of civil disobedience that has already been successfully argued for by activism non-profit organizations such as Moveon.org and PETA. There is no confusion in the Constitution for t​he right to freely assemble and speak out against criminality wherever it may exist. It is the right of citizens to actively work to expose injustices and mobilize any number of people to work on that behalf.

The confusing nature of our online-rights is what seems to be the weak link in the FBI’s case and for which the Federal Court will clearly be held to task over. The Court did not question the FBI, and with this “rubberstamping” of the warrant for arrest, has demonstrated that it does not clearly understand the nature of an American Citizen’s rights, in the flesh or online.

By SMG Editorial Staff