Steinbart Media Group is ready to conduct prompt and sustained digital combat, incident to operations on the internet and in the public space. We promote Austin's message of Unity, Strength and Wisdom in the face of overwhelming odds. From prison or free, Austin will never cease to move forward with his objectives to provide the world with a public backchannel so that we all may understand the geopolitical game of which we are apart. We support him in these endeavors seeking to be of service to humanity in the process.

"Fortune Favors the Wise"

We are an all-volunteer army. The Steinbart Media Group website is our flagship website to set the record straight on Austin Steinbart, once and for all, and provide a portal for those interested parties to find the most relevant, concise information that will help paint the proper context for what is going on today. Those interested in volunteering will find options to submit an application on the menu sidebar and contacts page. Additionally, we encourage any media figures who are open-minded to reach out to us to setup an interview.

We have two additional sites planned under the SMG banner: a News Aggregation Site with original content, and a Fact-Check Site to push back on the ridiculous Deep-State garbage propoganda sites like Snopes and FactCheck.org

Seeking the truth is one of the most critical skills a start up media company needs to succeed, but it doesn’t always come naturally. Over time, and with the collaboration in projects with others this will become easier. So long as we all remember the core values of this organization, and our mission statement, we will be successful in our efforts.